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Web Hosting

Starting as low as $6.00/mo., SoletScripts offers quality hosting on reliable servers. Having several packages to choose from and the ability to upgrade at any time, we've taken the guess work out of finding the right package for you.

All packages include:

  • Apache
  • Perl
  • FTP
  • cPanel
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • E-mail
  • Usage Logs
  • Nightly Backups

... and more.

Web Design

SoletScripts prides itself on bringing our clients attractive, intuitive, search engine friendly web sites that function properly for everyone.

Each site we design is tested on nearly every browser available. Interactive portions of the sites are tested on all major browsers.

Before we present any drafts or final products to our customers, we insure that the site will display and function as desired for as many viewers as possible.


Web Applications

SoletScripts designs custom web applications, from shopping carts or help ticket systems to calendars or forums, we'll build the application to your requirements.

Having the applications that drive your site built from the ground up has many security benifits and looks more professional to your clients.

Because nothing is worse than a compromised database, we brutally attack the system and make updates untill we can no longer break it. Additionally, security updates will always be free. Security is essential.


Software Consulting

With practice management software certifications and years of experience in IT at a law office, SoletScripts offers Software Consulting for Time Matters® Practice Management Software.

While this software works out of the box, it should be customized to fit your business. If properly configured it can make every office task faster easier and more effective.

We can set up your network and software to work specifically for your business, build security tables to protect sensative information and train employees on using the software.

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