Web Applications

Software is everywhere, on our computers, on our phones, on our game systems; everyone uses it. One of the greatest limitations with software is that it's generally only accessable from the hardware it is installed on. Web Applications allow users all of the world to securely use applications to do nearly anything.

Imagine running a store online, but you have no shopping cart or payment gateway set up. To sell a product you have to ask your potential customer to email you about it with their shipping information. You then ask them to mail you a check. Once you receive and deposit the check, you mail them their order. The entire process could take weeks. If you're planning on selling merchendise from your website in this day and age you must have fast, easy to use, secure, reliable shopping card and payment software.

While online shopping is quickly becoming America's favorit pass time, there's even more web based software we use on a daily basis: search engines, forums, help ticket systems, web based email, calendars, inventory, weather, you name it-- software runs it.

With enough looking around you'll find that all of these things have been done, and that you can get the software, some times purchased other times for free, and install it yourself. The drawback to this is that this makes the interworkings of the application publicly known to anyone who cares to learn the code and take a look. Often times this leads to vulnerabilities being found and websites being exploited or even destroyed completely. Additionally, with prebuilt software you're limited to how much customization you can do, you might not be able to get it to "fit" the way you want it to on your site.

SoletScripts can build the applications that drive your site from the ground up. This adds to the security to your website because we never make our code publicly available and while we do often adapt one application from another, we never use the same code twice. Additionally with custom written applications specifically for your site it will blend seamlessly like it was meant to be there and look more professional to your clients.

Because nothing is worse than a compromised website or database, we brutally attack the applications we write in various testing scenarious and make repairs to the code untill we can no longer break it. This helps ensure that no one else will be able to break in. Additionally, if down the line we find a vulnerability, security updates will always be free. Security is absolutely essential.

Unlike prebuilt software, if at a later date you require new features or functions to an application SoletScripts wrote, we can make the adjustments and add in your new features without causing any noticable downtime to your site.