Web Design

The two most important things when starting a website are getting people to your site, and insuring they like what they see. SoletScripts.com designs sites in such a way that search engines can read everything they want to, and human users find what they want easily, there should never be compromise between searchability and aesthetics; we make sure that this doesn't happen by viewing pages the way search engines do as we design them.

Many web developers will tell you that they strive for excellence. Yet many "excellent" sites today have problems in different web browsers. With many browsers available on the internet, and many people browsing from cellphones we have become sharply aware that "excellent" is no longer good enough. At SoletScripts.com we srive for perfection; each site we design is tested on every browser we can get our hands on. Any interactive portions of the sites we design are tested on all major browsers and backup code is written so that the site still functions on older browsers or browsers with less ability to handle full interactivity. In short, sites we design work on more computers and more cellphones.

Before we present any drafts or final products to our customers, we insure that the site will display and function as desired for as many viewers and search engines as possible. Every project is an excuse for us to expand our abilities. The internet is ever-growing, as such there's always something that can be done better, and we intend to find it. We are aware that there are simpler projects, and really, those are the most challenging of all because simplicity tends to be very restrictive.

Regardless of the size or scope of a project, SoletScripts.com has but one undying desire; to develop a masterpiece, then tear it apart and make one better.