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Hatch Layout

Hatch is an incredibly versatile layout. With plenty of space in the header for a company logo or banner and a wide open body section, it can be modified to suit virtually any need. If desired, the blue and white broken circle could even be animated with JavaScript so that when it first appears it's together as a circle, then slides open and spills the navigation links into their places in a scorpion whipping action or a smooth slide around. If a user happened to have JavaScript disabled on their computer, the navigation module would simply show up just as it is now. The color scheme can also be modified quite easily to match the colors a company is already using on business cards, letterhead, signs and billboards.

Like all SoletScripts layouts, Hatch validates on both XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS 2.0. That is to say, there are no syntax errors, the code is structured perfectly. This assists in making the site both cross browser compatible and more accessible (More on this later).

Even with valid code some times there is just no way to make some things behave the same way in 2 different browsers. When this happens there's not much that can be done. If you mess with it long enough you may eventually get things to work some what like you want them to. But if close just wont cut it, I use a JavaScript I've written to help me out of this exact problem. By making a seperate stylesheet for each browser I can have the script detect what browser is being used and load the appropriat stylesheet file. (Unfortunately there is really no good way to display this script in action without creating half a dozen seperate stylesheets.)

JavaScript is a very powerful and, unfortunatly, often over used tool. With it you can make calculations as the page is loaded to display to the user. The page can be made to react to the user, or start doing things as soon as it loads. You can change nearly any aspect of the page, and even add new parts. JavaScript can even make sections of the page move, appear from 'under cover', disappear to save space and even retrieve new information from the internet without leaving the current page.

On the next page you'll see some JavaScript navagation menus in action

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