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PHP in Action

Please note that not all features on the pages below have been finished.

The New Reality Company webstore (while not finished) shows how variables passed in a link can change what is displayed on a page. The variables sent in the above link are "cat=2". This displays one set of products while if the value of "cat" was a number of another catagory, the list.php page would display the set of products for that catagory. Should you click on one of the products, you would be taken to the view.php page. The server knows which product to show you because of the "id" variable.

The New Reality Company site is also a multi language site. But because most of the pages are generated dynamically, it would be impossible to simply make 2 sites (one english one svenska), instead it creates a false subdomain that acts as a variable setting the language. Clicking on the language selectors at the top dynamicly changes the display language on the page and allows all controls and links to continue working properly.

The Psionix.org sitemap page is dynamicly generated by a PHP script each time it is accessed. This creates a sitemap file for search engines allowing them to record not only the static pages on the site, but the forums aswell. This could also be used to record all items in a webstore and pass them to the search engine. Having a dynamic site map can dramaticly increase web traffic because it gives the search engines a full map of the site instead of depending on their spiders to parse every page. The information on the page linked is not intended to be human readable, however a script could be written to make a page that uses the information on the site map to generate a human readable site map.

Keeping with the idea of human readability, all the power of PHP does not add up to much if the user doesn't like looking at the page or can't figure out where to click. On the next page you will find several site layouts demoing the wide range of 'looks' that can be achieved.

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