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The Mirage Hack

Placing a header text image as an inline image is poor coding practice and can cause problems with some search engines. Placing the header text images as background is correct coding practice, but background images do not display on a printed copy of the web page. Furthermore, using images for text can cause problems for blind users because screen readers cant read images. The Mirage hack I developed is a solution to all of these issues.

If you turn images off on your browser, or if you look at the print preview of this page you can see that there is text that says "The Mirage Hack" where the image otherwise would have been. Please note that a print version stylesheet has not been created for this page due to time constraints. What you see in print view is a linier unstylized display of the page. This is quite similar to what would be seen by a text only browser, or a browser that has been customized for someone who is visually impaired.

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